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This is a site dedicated to learning Hindi.  The main service of this site is a daily podcast covering parts of Hindi.  The podcasts come in several levels such as Essential Hindi which are key phrases that you would be expected to know in any language.  These are the sessions you want to listen to first, and before your trip to India.  The Beginner Hindi session are for those that are serious about learning Hindi and are just getting started.  These sessions start out with the Hindi soud system and alphabet, move on to basic sentence structure, basic grammar and basic vocabulary.  The Intermediate Hindi sessons are the next level of learning Hindi.  These sessions look at more complex sentence structure, some exceptions to some rules, and more complex vocabulary.  These sessions are probably 50/50 in English and Hindi.  Then the Advanced Hindi sessions are for those that have a good understanding of Hindi.  These sessions are almost completely in Hindi.  We talk about more advance Hindi using easier Hindi.  We only revert back to English when it is not possible or pratical to discuss the Hindi subject in Hindi.

There are also “Raw Hindi” sessions.  These are generally unedited sessions where we just sit around and discuss a Hindi topic.  We can answer your questions in these sessions as well.  Post a comment or question and we can address these in a “Raw Hindi” session.

We also catagorize the sessions by the speakers and actors that are on the session.  So, if one of the voices are easier for you to understand, it allows for you to quickly find all the sessions that he or she is in.

There will be cultural lessons as well.   These could cover social practices in India, regional differences, food, history, polical system, and any other subjects that are Hindi related.

With many sessions, we will be including a script, list of words that are introduced/used, quizes, puzzles, and activities that will help you learn Hindi.

We will also be developing online language tools such as quizes, dictionary, grammar tools, etc.

Please let us know if you have found sites and tools that have helped you to learn Hindi.  Also, let us know if you would like to have any changes to the site.  We can use any type of help.  If you have some suggestions for a session, just post it as a comment to this message or if you are interested in creating a script other tools, recording, editing, etc.  Or if you can help with the maintenance of the site such as graphics, moderating comments, or programming, let me know that as well.

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Started ISpeakHindi.com in June 2007. Continue to work on ISpeakHindi.com to learn Hindi myself and to help others want to learn it. Nathan Price is the sole owner of ISpeakHindi.com.