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The Internet is host to such a giving culture.  I would like to point out all the free services and tools that have been used so far to make this site.

First, what you are looking at right now, is WordPress.  This is a freely available, open source tool that allows for people to manage their own blogs.  Be sure and check it out at

Second, I got the PodPress plug in that is used in conjunction with WordPress and is meant for people that have a PodCast.  You can check it out at  There are several other things around podcasting and using WordPress for podcasting there.

Third, the theme that you see cam from  There are many other themes that are freely available there.

Now, these tools here are built on PHP and MySql.  If you are interested in learning more about these, checkout and

 Now to record and edit the program, I am using Audacity which you can get from

 Then to do the MP3 encoding, I am using the LAME MP3 Encoder

To write up the scripts and produce the PDFs, I am using Writer from Open Office

For stats, I am using Google’s Analytics:  For Email, I’m using Google’s Gmail service:  Also, in the hopes of bringing in some revenue to offset the cost of hosting and eventually hopefully to pay for my time and the time of the people that help me with the site, I am using Google AdSense at

Now, I need some software to organize the audio clips that I get and ideally some workflow type of software that could manage ideas for sessions, gathering the words and definitions, writing the scripts, recording the scripts, editing, and posting.

And in terms of services, I hope to use Cafe Press ( ) to offer T Shirts, buttons, and CDs.  Hopefully this will help with the revenue side as well.

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