Parts of the day

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सुबह (subah)

दोपहर  (dophar)


रात (raat)

Is it morning now?
क्या अभी सुबह है? (kyaa abhii subah hai?)

What time is it?
अभी क्या समय डुआ है?  (abhii kyaa samay duaa hia?)

It is 2:00 PM.
अभी दिन के दो बजे हैं।  (abii din ke do bje hain)

When is it considered night?

Any time after 7 PM is night.

—updated August 14, 2008

I have made a few corrections that our listeners have commented about below.  However, I believe you might enjoy some of the more recent podcasts that cover this same material more.

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