Office Time

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This session features a dialog that uses some of the knowledge related to time that we learned in earlier shows.

The English dialog is as follows:

What time do you have to be at the office?

I have to be at the office at 9 AM.

What time will you leave the office?

I will leave the office at 5 PM.
मैं अपना दफ़्तर पाँच बचे शाम को छोडूँगा।

How long will it take you to get home?
आपको घर पडुँचने में कितना समय लगेगा?

It will take me 1 hour to get home. I will be home at 6 PM.
मुझे घर पडुँचने में सक घंटा लगेगा। मैं शाम को छः बचे घर पहुँचूँगा।

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