Google tools for writing Hindi

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Google Labs has a “indic transliterator” which will take Latin characters such as “namaste” and turn it into नमस्ते.  Here is the link:

More information:

Also, this is being used in Blogger to let you blog in Hindi:

How to enable Hindi in your OS/Browser:

Mapping of Latin to Devanagri that is used for the transliteration:

This was done by Google Labs in India.  You can see their other public projects here:

Such as the Indic language on screen keyboard:

And you can discuss these and other ideas you have on the Google Labs India discussion board:

Download an entire month's worth of lessons. We have all the lessons from May 2009 through October 2011 in zip files containing the audio files and a PDF with all the lessons. You can download these in the paid subscriber area.

If you are not already a paid subscriber, you should consider becoming one. It is only $12 every 3 months. That's only $4/month. Learning Hindi is worth much more than $4/month, so this is a great deal.

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