Essential Hindi – Foods – Rice, Chik Peas, Vegetable, Pickle

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Chawal – Rice चावल

Chana – Chik Peas चना

Sabzi – Vegetable सब्ज़ी

Achaar – Pickle अचार

Achaar does not refer to what Americans would think of as a “pickle”.  Instead, it is a vegetable/spice mixture that comes in all flavors.  Here is a picture several different pickles that I took in Dubai.


Aur Chawal Lenge – Will you have more rice और चावल लेंगे?

Aur Sabji lenge – Will you have more vegetable और सबज़ी लेंगे?

Aur Chawal lijiye – Have more rice और चावल लीजिये

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