Learning to count in Hindi

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One of the basic skills that is required in any language is counting. You need it for telling time, buying things, directions, and more. There are several podcasts on ISpeakHindi.com to help you, but there are also other resources on the Internet that will be useful as well.

ISpeakHindi episodes:



Other resources:

Word Lists from WordChamp: http://www.wordchamp.com/lingua2/Search.do?str=hindi%20number

YouTube video that teaches counting in Hindi: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPIonND5Mrw

Flashcard Exchange list: http://www.flashcardexchange.com/flashcards/view/204215


Download an entire month's worth of lessons. We have all the lessons from May 2009 through October 2011 in zip files containing the audio files and a PDF with all the lessons. You can download these in the paid subscriber area.

If you are not already a paid subscriber, you should consider becoming one. It is only $12 every 3 months. That's only $4/month. Learning Hindi is worth much more than $4/month, so this is a great deal.

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