Small steps but still progress

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I would like to answer three questions everyday:

1) What did I do to improve our daily podcast?

2) What have I done to improve the site?

3) What have I done to learn Hindi?

Today, I attempted to improve the podcast by looking up the words that we covered in other dictionaries to ensure that they were correct, understand if they were masculine or famine,  and to check on how to make the plural form.  Also, I reviewed the word list with Meena and Nariandas before recording.  Also, on the podcast, I started to say the English words more.  Today, we recorded 4 podcasts that should go live on 10/22, 10/23, 10/24, and 10/25.  So, you can see these changes then.

Today, I have not been able to make any progress on the site.  Hopefully, I will be able to make some later this week.

In terms of learning Hindi, I practice writing and looking up today’s words.  I found many alternate spellings/pronunciations for some of them.  I listened to some Hindi music (from the film Guru).  I practiced talking in Hindi with Meena and Nariandas.  Also, I listened to some of the New Testament in Hindi.  I was able to get a recording of the New Testament in Hindi on cassette tape.  It provides another way to expose myself to the language.  I recommend it for Christians and non-Christians a like.  I would also like to find other books in Hindi in audio format.  Please email me at or leave a comment if you can recommend some.

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