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On each of the postings for the podcasts, there is a group of 5 stars.  Hover over these stars with your mouse and text will appear saying “1 star” or “2 stars”, etc. depending on how many stars you are giving it.  When you have the right number of stars selected, click it.  This will save it and your selection will be averaged in with everyone else’s.  This information will be critical to us to know which podcasts are great and need more of and which ones probably need to be revisited and possibly re-recorded.

It will also help other visitors since it will help them to find the most effective lessons.

So, to run through my daily three questions.  I have not done anything to really improve the site today.  I did try to get today’s podcast to appear on the front page, but had trouble and could not get it to work.  I also looked at and installed it on our server to be used for the Hindi-English dictionary.  However, the Hindi words in the database are messed up.  so, that did not work either.  I did go through and give all the podcasts an initial rating.  Most of them I gave 3 stars to.  There was one that I gave a 1 star to.

Regarding the podcast itself, today Meena and I recorded 4 lessons.  And I edited a lesson at lunch time.  So, a little progress there.

And besides that, I did not do anything to do to learn Hindi.

I need to get ahead on the recording so that I have some time to spend on adding functionality.  I also need to setup a development environment so that I do not risk damaging the live site.  Once I get that working, then I think I will go to a weekly development cycle.  Code on Sunday-Wednesday.  Test on Thursday and Friday.  Deploy on Saturday.  Something like that.

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