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This has been a very busy and interesting week.  I got an email from a “Community Manager” at LiveMocha.  This site offers language instruction in several languages including Hindi.  It appears to be well done.  It is free.  But there are two additional components that help to set it apart.  It overs a “scoring” system that is displayed in your profile that shows how many sections of the material you have completed.  Also, it is hooked into Facebook.  And provides a way for you to interact with other people that know the language you are learning or people that are also are learning.  It looks like we might have a special interview with the CEO of LiveMocha next week.  That could provide us all a chance to hear, first hand, how LiveMocha can help us to learn Hindi.

This week, received its first $10 donation.  Earlier this week, I signed up for a PayPal account and put the sidebar link that says “Please consider supporting this site.  A $10 donation would go a long way.”  This can only be found on the front page.  Well, a listener decided that this program was worthy and donated.  I think I would like to have a “page of thanks” so I can list out all the people that have helped put this site together.  The people that help to write the text on the site, record the program, and make the site better.  As well as those that contribute by giving money.  So, please consider supporting this site if you find it useful.

The donation has really made me reconsider pursuing ad revenue.  It only brings in about $20/month.  I don’t like ads.  I think they are distracting.  And I want people coming to the site because they find the content helpful.  I do not want to have people coming to the site just to send them some place else.  So, I am planning to remove the ads from all the site except for the “list of sites” pages and the “site search” page.  I figure the ads makes sense on both of these pages because the visitor is already looking to go some place else.  So, I have removed the ads from the front page.  And I will remove them from the other pages over time.  It may take a little while to remove them from the entire site, because I do not plan to make changes to the “non-WordPress” pages.  Instead, I intend to integrate all the content into WordPress, and have it use the same template files.  So, it may be many months before you see it removed from some of the secondary pages.

Also, a friend of mind was looking at the podcast listed on the front page.  He pointed out a lot of things that did not make sense.  This has led me to change the title of the podcasts and the descriptions.  I really want to get more of the Hindi content out there with some quizzes and exercises.  But we have to make small steps each day.  It might be many years before we get this site to a point that we really want.  But we have begun the journey, and we will continue the journey.  And eventually I and you will be very comfortable in Hindi.

Well, that’s all for today.

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