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We recorded three sessions today.  Meena and Nariandas will be in India from the end of November till February.  Therefore, it might be very difficult to stay on top of the daily schedule without them here.  So, we are attempting to record ahead until February.  And then I will augment this with other sessions that I am able to get from Sonia and others.  Also, I will be going to Dubai in November, so I hope to get a of material from that.  But just in case, I am trying to record 120 sessions over the next 3 weeks.  This is going to be a crazy schedule.

Today, we went to the Hindu temple in Pearland.  It is a south Indian temple, so very few people spoke Hindi.   But I got some material that might be useful for a future session.  Also, I think South Indians might find useful.

I have added the Hindi words and pronunciation  for the session tomorrow.  I am trying to improve the sessions a little each day.  But I am getting squeezed between a lot of things right now, so that is very difficult.

Unfortunately, with all this work on, I am actually having trouble finding time to study Hindi myself.  So, I am afraid that I am not seeing my Hindi improving.

Well, that is all for today….

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