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I want to thank everyone that has, is, and will be contributing to this site. Every email, comment, rating, suggestion, etc. is very helpful. But I would like to thank point out some individuals.

First, my family, without Meena and Nariandas, there really would not be a program. And my wife, Sonia has been very helpful to. I hope to eventually get my children involved as well.

Stacey Yount has typed in most of the Hindi words you see on the site. So, when you are reading along with the podcast, be thankful to her. Here is some information about her:


Stacey Yount lives in Florida with her husband Jim and their cat Soniya. I began watching Bollywood films about 2 years ago and am totally hooked on the genre. After making many friends on Bollywood fan sites I decided I wanted to learn Hindi to be able to speak with them, understand when they wrote certain lyrics or lines in Hindi, I wanted to be able to listen to and understand a song or hopefully one day watch a movie without subtitles. I have been studying Hindi for over a year now and am eager to continue. One of my favorite things is that I can now read and write Devanagari. I just gotta work on building that vocabulary! I would love to be fluent in the beautiful language and hopefully Jim and I can one day go to India. I am journalist for Bollyspice magazine ( an online magazine with news, reviews and articles on Bollywood.


Marty Ohl – After seeing my first attempts of creating a look and feel for the site, Marty took pity on me and created what you see now.

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