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Today, we recorded 5 vocabulary builders and 1 scenario session about buying a DVD at the store.

Got 2 sessions edited.  One for tomorrow.  And the other one I need to listen to again to be sure I cut out the mistakes and noises…  But that will be for the day after that.

Stacey has emailed me the Hindi text for most of the posts on the site.  I have gone through most of her updates.

I create a start of the “page of thanks” page I’m working on to acknowledge all the people that have helped with the site including my family, Stacey, Marty, and others.  It is going to take a while to get that up.  I am really worried about falling behind on the daily podcasts.. I would like to get setup with about a month or more lead time on the podcasts..

I have also been trying to recruit other speakers for the site.  I think you might be hearing some new voices soon.  If you speak Hindi or know someone that does, then please let me know.

Oh, I hope you got a chance to hear the interview with the CEO of LiveMocha.  I believe there are a lot of key areas that LiveMocha and could work on together such as a tutor market place for Hindi tutors, have common profiles of users on both sites, allow for listeners to get LiveMocha points by listening to podcasts and taking a test.  Once I make a lot more progress on the ISpeakHindi site, I hope to bring these things up to the LiveMocha team.  But that is probably 6 months from now.

The future is bright… but one step at a time…

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