Progress and ads and money….

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Today I edited and posted two sessions.  These will go live tomorrow and the next day.  So, now I do have a one day buffer.   Also, we recorded 2 vocabulary building sessions and 1 dialog.  I hope to intermingle the dialogs and vocabulary building to keep it more interesting for you.  But I have already staged the vocabulary sessions in wordpress and I do not want to manually change the post dates on several sessions.  I am hoping to write a WordPress plugin to do that at some point.

Ok… Now about the ads.. You will notice them at the bottom of the pages again.  Which might surprise you considering on of my earlier postings.  I have a theory that google favors sites with adsense on it.  So, I am going to leave one ad at the bottom of the page to be safe.  And it will be a while before I can remove the side ads on many of the pages.

Now about money…  I keep wondering if I can improve the quality of this program, add a lot of additional resources, and really build up the audience, would it be possible for this site to make enough so that in combination with other things, I could do it full time.  What are your thoughts on this?  What do you think is the best way to do that?

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