Half way there…

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So, I will be out of the country from November 17 till November 22.  Also, from the 22nd till February or March of next year, I will not have access to Meena and Nariandas to do the program.  Both of these items have me concerned.  So, I want to have all the sessions from now till the end of November recorded, edited, uploaded, and posted, ready to go live on the appropriate day.

Also, I want to identify some Hindi speakers that are willing to do the program and to have them lined up ready to go.  That way, when I return, we will be ready to start producing more programs.

Well, today I posted the session up till 11/17.  So, I’m half way there.

BTW, if you have emailed me and have not gotten a response, please do not take offense.  I am trying to stay on top of everything, but am falling behind on email.

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