Off to Dubai/Germany…. Break in daily podcasts

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There will be about a two week break in the daily learn Hindi podcast.  I regret this delay, but it is unavoidable at this point.  Expect to see future podcasts appearing in December 2007.

The reason for the delay is that my family and I are going to Dubai, UAE and Frankfurt, Germany for 10 days.  Also, Meena and Nariandas, my Hindi speaking stars, will be continuing on to India until February, 2008.  This means producing podcasts daily will be difficult.  I have some friends and people that have emailed, that have offered to help.  But we may have to reduce the frequency of the program until they return.

If you know Hindi or know somebody that does, and you would be willing to create some scripts for the show, then please put some together and email me at

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