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We returned from Dubai about 2 weeks ago, and have gotten settled back in. In Dubai, we attended an Indian weeding, so in this episode we cover the word for marriage, शादी (shaadi). We also cover the sentence, “Where did they go?” and “When will they return?”

Nariandas and Meena went with us to Dubai, but they continued on to Mumbai, India. They will return in February. I have a few sessions with them that I have not edited and posted yet. So, you may hear them before February. However, most of the voices you hear between now and then will be new.

Please email me any Hindi related questions you have. We will use them to create sessions. Email nathan@ISpeakHindi.com.

Also, you can look and contribute to the Wiki page for this episode. You can find it here. And if you want to look at the wiki pages for the other episodes, upcoming episodes, or contribute to the ideas for episodes, then look here.

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