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Ok.. Made a lot of progress today. I have decided to try to do a Hindi <-> English dictionary using the Wiki. And I’m going to link this to the words in the podcasts. You can see an example in Thursday’s posting:
Vocabulary Builder: Fantasy and Imagination

Click on the English word to be taken to a wiki page that has nothing more than the word association.  You can click on the Hindi word on that wiki page, or the Hindi word in the podcast post and it takes you to a more detailed looking page.  There is not much details there, but you can see the outline of what I have planned.

Also, this is a good time/place for you to enter any information about these words that you know.  Just click the edit button and add away!

Also, on the home page you will see a way that you can subscribe to the daily podcast via email.  This can be a good way for you stay on top of your Hindi learning!

And I have added a little video with a link from the front page to explain how to use the site.   “Click here to watch a short video overview on how to use the site.”  I will be adding more videos about how to use the Wiki.

Plus, Sonia and I recorded an episode to be published from Friday.  I still have to edit it and post it.  So it might be late on Friday before it actually gets out there.

Well, with all that, I think things are coming along.  It is amazing to think of how far we have come with this project.  Still so much to do and learn…  Well at least I have a great group of people to do it with!

BTW, thank you all for rating the podcasts, sending the emails, and leaving comments.

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