Counting 26-30

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Today we cover counting from 26-30.

See the wiki page about today’s podcast. It also includes a script.

Also, help us improve the upcoming programs by reviewing, editing, and commenting on future sessions. You can help in many ways.

First, look at the January 2008 planning page? Well, we could use your help getting this updated and in proper order! There is a list of all the words from the ek, do, teen song. I am trying to cross reference the words with particular sessions. Take a word (start at a random place in the list… I don’t want 100 people working on the first one :-) ), and fill in any missing information, or double check the information that is there. Is the definition correct? If it is a noun, indicate if it is masculine or feminine; singular or plural. What is the the singular/plural form? (This is a good way to work on your Hindi research skills. How to look up words? Now is the time to test it out.) The last column is to put the session where we cover the word. If it is a number, then there should be a link to one of the sessions to date. If it is not a number, then go find a future session, add the word to the vocabulary list and link to that.

Ok, maybe that isn’t for you? Well, how about this. Read through Wednesday’s script (which we will record Tuesday night) 2008-1-9 Date. Does it make sense? Do you see any issues with the English dialog? Please fix it if you do. This is can only be OUR Hindi podcast if we all work on it together. Are there things that you want to see covered more thoroughly? then make a note of it?

Also, the scripts for these upcoming sessions needs to be created. Go ahead and try to make a start at them. Just click on the link below, then click “edit”, and start inserting your ideas.

2008-1-10 Greetings2008-1-11 Questions

2008-1-12 Pronouns – Part 1

2008-1-13 Pronouns – Part 2

2008-1-14 Sounds a like…ear training

2008-1-15 Postpositions – Part 1

2008-1-16 Postpositions – Part 2

2008-1-17 the verb – to be – part 1

2008-1-18 the verb – to be – part 2

2008-1-20 adjective and noun agreement – part 2

You can see all the information about January podcasts, including the above ones, on the January 2008 planning page.

Also, please email us at for suggestions on how we can improve the podcast.

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