History – इतिहास (itihaas)

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Hello everyone!!!!
Namaste(नमस्ते )

My name is Shipra Gupta,I am from India.I teach Hindi language online .I am very happy to be a part of Ispeakhindi.com,I will be doing a new programme from today called “WORD A DAY”. It is exclusively on the request of all the regular listeners.

So lets get started.The today’s word is HISTORY.

In hindi, we speak इतिहास

Now lets try to speak it,You can say Itihaas

I hope its clear to everyone till now

Let us see some related words too

ancient history n प्राचीन इतिहास ( Pracheen itihass)

world history n विश्व-इतिहास ( Vishwa itihass)
You can send me any thing that you wish to be translated to Hindi I promise I will try my 100% to reply to it.You can mail me at shipra@Ispeakhindi.com

So,everyone talk to you later
bye n अलविदा (Alvida)

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