happy– खुश ( khush)

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Hello Everyone,

Namaste नमस्ते
Good morning to all of you, I am Shipra Gupta from India. I am an online tutor who takes Hindi lessons online. I am very thankful to all the listeners for such a great response and for sending me all your queries.

So let’s start the work for today.

The word for today is happy– खुश ( khush)

We all know this word very well. Now let’s break the word to learn it.

Khush = kh + u+ sh = खु + श = खुश

If we concentrate on this we will be able to say it easily. Let me take a sentence for learning more. I am happy मैखुश हूँ

I am sure everyone is able to understand it clearly

See you all tomorrow.
bye n अलविद

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