Sentences of three words (part 2)

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दिल्ली कहाँ है? dilli kahan hai – Where is Delhi?

रघु रोटो खायेगा – saghu roti khayega – Raghu will eat bread.

आप को देखने आया – ap ko dekhne aya – I came to see you.

कल ज़रुर आऊँगा – kal jarur avunga – Certainly I will come tomorrow.

आप घर में रहिये – ap ghar meain rahiye – Please be at home.

शाम को वापस जाऊँगा – sham ko vapas jaunga – I will return back in the evening.

सदा सुखी रहो – sada sukhi raho – Always be happy

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