Indian Weddings – mehndi

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Hello Everyone!!!

I will do it in one week in three parts

The first phase is this (mehndi and sangeet)

I will share my experience of attending an Indian marriage recently. When I reached to place of wedding, I was welcome with lots of love and respect. Everyone was roaming around to serve the guest, there were around 30 people already reached to the wedding place till that time. It was the day when the function of dance was to be done. There was a gathering of around 200 people to come and bless the girl .In India we call it ladies sangeet.sangeet is a program where people sing songs and pray for the good future of the girl. For this day, we, as cousins of the bride prepare special dances and perform at night .There is proper Dj system in every marriage where every one dance. We all got ready for the night and dressed in Indian suits to look the most elegant .decent and beautiful. On this day only, the bride get mehndi on her hands, it is a custom. Here are some pictures of mehndi


Some unique mehndi designs


Now let me show you some of the pictures of ladies sangeet

Ladies sangeet can be at home, outside the home. It is a ceremony where all loved ones dance ad get happy .In India people do it as per their classes. You can see some of the pictures of the function


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