Indian music

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My name is Marged Trumper and I am a scholar in Hindi and Indian music and I am here to tell you something about Indian music.

In India there are different kinds of music. In Hindi, the word for music is sangeet.

music = संगीत (sangeet)

Thus, Indian music can be roughly divided into Classical music, folk music and movie songs. Also, Classical music is different in the North and in the South part of the country. Indian classical music from the North is called Hindustaani sangeet, while Indian music from the South is called Karnatak.

Northern Indian classical music = हिन्दुस्तानी संगीत (Hindustaani sangeet)

In Hindi, folk music is called lok geet, film music is referred to as filmi sangeet and classical music in general is referred to as shaastriy sangeet.

folk music = लोक गीत (lok geet)

Indian movie songs = फिल्मी संगीत (filmi sangeet)

Indian classical music = शास्त्रीय संगीत (shaastriy sangeet)

Most of the people in India listen to filmi sangeet, sung in playback by Bollywood actors in the movies, while lok geet is typically played in villages during festivals and rites. Classical music is an ancient tradition now performed by professional artists in institutions, on the national radio and abroad.


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