Indian music

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Hi, here is Marged Trumper, a scholar in Indian language, music and culture. I’m here to share something about Indian music with you…

Indian classical music is not known and appreciated by everyone in India, as it is the case with Western Classical music in the West, anyway, it retains a strong link with Indian traditions and the Hindu traditional learning system.

Actually, a musician has to learn ‘at the feet’ of a master, a guru गुरु. The word गुरु derives from a Indo-European root meaning ‘important, heavy’ also found in many European languages.


The disciple (shishya, शिष्य), thus follows the guru-shishya-parampara, the tradition (परम्परा) from master (गुरु) to disciple (शिष्य).


The word guru in Hindi, anyway, indicates not only a spiritual guide or a traditional teacher, but all kinds of teachers, even a school teacher.

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