Possessive Pronouns

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mine: मेरा

yours (formal): आपका

yours (informal) : तुम्हारा

his/hers/its: इसका

theirs: इनका


Possessive Pronouns are adjectives, they tell whose thing it is. Just like other adjectives, they change based upon the gender and the number of the noun that they modify.

For example, पत्नी means wife and it is feminine. To say my wife, I would say “मेरी पत्नी” if you were to say “My husband” where husband is a masculine noun, you would say “मेरा पति”. The word for “my” would change based upon if the noun it modified was plural or singular. For example, to say “My Sons” would be “मेरे बेटे”. However, to say “My daughters” would be just “मेरी बेटीयां

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