What happened to the Wiki?

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The wiki has been overcome with spam, and I have had to take it offline.  I am not sure if I will put it back online..  The content that was there is safe, but I will have to figure another way to maintain it.

The spam problem is something that has been slowly growing.  Also, Google has noticed it as well and has stopped showing ISpeakHindi.com in its results.  This means we are not getting any traffic from Google.  So until we get that problem sorted out, we need your help.  Can you please tell your friends, Hindi teachers, fellow Hindi students, etc. about ISpeakHindi.com?  Also, if you are a member of any Hindi related discussion list, have a Hindi related website, etc. can you put a link to ISpeakHindi.com on your site and submit it to those lists.

I really appreciate your help.  Thanks.  –Nathan

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