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First off, I wanted to let you know about a site that some of our listeners had created.  Check out Roam with Om for  great tips traveling to India. You can find it at

Also, we have started using a different WordPress theme for It shows more of the entries on the front page, allows for you to navigate the previous entries using a calendar, and shows you categories. If there is a WordPress theme that you think would be good for, please email me at We are trying to come up with a list of categories and tags to associate to the sessions to help you find the ones you are interested in. If you have some suggestions, please let me know. We have also installed a plugin to hide the ads on recent podcasts for our repeat visitors. Hopefully this will make your visits to more enjoyable. Let me know if you have further suggestions on improving the site.

The Wiki is back up at There is still a lot of spam, but apparently that is not what Google had de-listed us for. Someone apparently had hacked into the main page of and put some hidden links to other sites. This is what had violated Google’s terms. However, the spam on the wiki still needs to be taken care of. If you are familiar with MediaWiki and have some suggestions on confronting this problem, then please let me know.

I am also looking at using Moodle to run the ISpeakHindi site. It is meant for online schools. It allows for you to have quizzes, assignments, discussion boards, and many other things. I was thinking it would be very useful to have quizzes that you could take after each podcast to test what you had learned. If you have some experience with Moodle or other software like it and have some advice, please let me know.

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