Learning to read 2 letter words (part 1)

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We are going to continue trying to read 2 letter words in another passage.

Line 1:  हल रख।  लड़ मत। ईश भज।

Let us break down each sentence.

(devanagari) = (Romanized transliteration) = (translation)

हल रख =  hal rakh = keep the plow (or plough if you are British)

लड़ मत = lard mat = Don’t fight

ईश भज = iissh bhaj = Pray to God.
Now let us look at each word:

हल (hal) = plow

रख  (rakh) = keep  (command, informal)

लड़ (lard) = fight

मत (mat) = Don’t

ईश (iissh) = god

भज (bhaj) = pray

Here are some Flash Cards to help you study:  (fold on the dotted line and cut on the solid line)

Flash Cards – May Reading – Line 1 – Hindi and meanings

Now for those of you that are learning the letters are want to learn the letters, let us break down each word.

हल is made of ह + ल

ह make a “ha” sound

ल makes a “l” sound  together that makes हल which means plow.

रख is made of र + ख

र makes a “ra” sound

ख makes a “kha” sound.  this is the “second” k.  It is a harder sound with more force than the other क.

Together it make रख (rakh) which means keep.

लड़ is made of ल + ड़

ल we have already covered above.  It makes an “la” sound.

ड़ makes the same sound as “rd” in “bird”.  It is the first  “d” on the 3rd line.  The dot under neath it makes it have a “r” sound mixed in.

लड़ (lard)  which means fight

मत is made of म + त

म makes a “ma” sound

त makes a “t” sound the same as in “tum” which means “you (informal)”

मत (mat)  and it means “don’t”

ईश is made of ई + श

ई is the long “ee” sound

श makes a “sh” sound

ईश is eesh and it is a short form of a word that means “god”.

भज is made of भ + ज

भ is the second “bha” sound.  It is a stronger sound than the ब which is the other “ba” sound

ज makes a “ja” sound.

together भज makes a “bhaj” sound… It means “pray” as in commanding someone to pray.

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