Learning to read 2 letter words (part 2)

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We continue with the reading exercise with only two letter words.  Today we study the second line:

Line 2: ऊन रख।  हठ नत कर। तन ढक कर।

Let us look at each sentence.

(devanagari) = (Romanized transliteration) = (translation)

ऊन रख = oon rakh = keep the wool

हठ मत कर = hath mat kar = don’t nag

तन ढक कर चल = tan dhak kar go = cover your body; come

Now let us look at each word:

ऊन (oon) = wool

रख (rakh) = keep

हठ (hath) =  nag

मत (mat) = don’t

कर (kar) = do

तन (tan) = body

ढक (dhak) = cover

कर (kar) = do

चल (chal) = go

Here are some Flash Cards to help you study: (fold on the dotted line and cut on the solid line)

this one just has the Hindi and English (no pronunciation help)

FlashCards Just Hindi and English

This one has the pronunciation help
FlashCards – with pronunciation help

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