Days of the week

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At the beginning of each session, I want to start giving you the date in Hindi.  This will be a good chance to learn the day of the week, the numbers from 1-31 and the month in Hindi.  We have covered this before, but I thought it would be good to go over it again.  This time we have added flashcards:

flashcards – Days of the Week

flashcards – Days of the Week with Pronounciations

Listen out for the day of the week at the beginning of each session.  Giving the date on the recording also will help you to listen to a recording and then find it on the website.

आज  (aag) – today

इतवार (itvaar)  / रविवार (ravivaar) – Sunday

सोमवार (somvaar) – Monday

मंगलवार (mangalvaar) – Tuesday

बुधवार (buudhvaar) – Wednesday

गुरुवार (guuruuvaar) – Thursday

शुक्रवार (shuukravaar) – Friday

शनिवार (shanivaar) शनीचर (sanichar) – Saturday

I found this website that will test you over the days of the week.  It might be worth looking at:

If there are any resources that you have found that others might find useful, please leave it in a comment on the website.

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