Reading 2 and 3 letter words – passage 2 (part 1)

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Today we are going to start reading a passage that has 2 and 3 letter words.

Line1: मटर चख।  बतख पकड़।  नकल मत कर।

मटर चख (matar chakh) – taste the peas

बतख पकड (batakh pakard) – catch the duck

नकल मत कर (nakal mat kar) – Do not copy.

मटर (matar) – peas

चख (chakh) – taste (command)

बतख (batakh) – duck

पकड़ (pakard) – catch (command)

नकल (nakal) – copy

मत (mat) – don’t

कर (kar) – do (command)

flashcards May reading #2 (part-1)

flashcards May reading #2 (part-1) with pronunciations

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