Reading 2 and 3 letter words – passage 2 (part 3)

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Line 3: अमर शहद चख। वचन पर अटल रह। शमझ कर पढ़।

अमर शहद चख (amar shahad chakh) = Amar, taste the honey.

वचन पर अटल रह (vachan par atal rah) = Keep your promise.

शमझ कर पढ़ (shamajh kar pard) = read and understand


अमर (amar) = Amar (name of a boy)

शहद (shahad) = honey

चख (chakh) = taste (command)

वचन (vachan) = promise

पर (par) = to

अटल (atal) = strong

रह (rah) = keep (command)

शमझ (shamajh) = understand (command)

कर (kar) = do (command)

पढ़ (pard) = read (command)



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