Reading 2 and 3 letter words – passage 2 (part 4)

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line4: कलम पकढ़ कर रख। इधर उधर मचल कर मत चल।

कलम पकढ़ कर रख (kalam pakard kar rakh) = Hold the pen and keep it.

इधर उधर मचल कर मत चल (idhar udhar machal kar mat chal) = Do not walk here and there crazily.

कलम (kalam) = pen

पकढ़ (pakard) = hold (command)

कर (kar) = do (command)

रख (rakh) = keep (command)

इधर (idhar) = here

उधर (udhar) = there

मचल (machar) = crazily

मत (mat) = don’t

चल (chal) = go (command)



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