Head, shoulders, knees, and toes

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hursday, May 22, 2008

Today we are going to review the vocabulary related to “Head, shoulders, knees, and toes” from the video “Chalo Hindi Bolay”.  This video is done by http://www.HindiKids.com.  Check by their website to find out more about this and other Hindi learning tools for children (but I think they are useful for adults too.)

चलो हिन्दी बोलें = Chalo Hindi Bolay = Come, let us learn Hindi.

The following vocabulary is covered.

सिर = sir = head

कंधे = kandhe = shoulders (singular, i.e. shoulder = कंधा)

घुटने =gutane = knees (singular, i.e. knee = घुटना)

पैर = paer = toes (singular, i.e. toes is the same)

कान = kaan = ears (singular/plural are same)

आँखें = aankhen = eyes (eye (singular) = आँख)

नाक = naak = nose


गाल = gaal = cheeks

होंठ = hont = lips

गला = galaa = neck

छाती = chaati = chest

पीठ = pith = back

बाँह = baanh = arm

बाँहें = baanhen = arms

हाथ = hath= hand

हाथ = hath= hands (plural and singular are the same)

अँगुली = anguli = finger

अँगुलियाँ = anguliyan = fingers

अँगूठा = angootha = thumb

टाँग = taanga = leg

टाँगें = taangen = legs

पंजे = panje= toes

Flash Cards – May 22

Flash Cards – May 22 – With Pronunciations

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