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Today we are going to learn six colors: red, green, black, white, blue, orange

Red – लाल laal
Green – हरा ha-raa
Black – काला kaa-laa
White – सफेद safed
Blue – नीला niila
Orange – नारंगी Naa-rangii or संतरी sun-tha-rii

You should keep in mind that colors are used as adjectives, example, red apple.  The red modifies the noun apple, and the red is an adjective.  In English, we do not have the concept of “gender agreement” between nouns and adjectives.  But in Hindi, there is “gender agreement”.  All nouns have a “gender”, and the adjective in many cases changes depending on if the gender is feminine or masculine.

Also, I should point out that in the audio recording we say that “orange” is “sun-tha-rii”.  The more common Hindi word for Orange is “Naa-rangii”. 

There is a song on Chalo Hindi Bolay by Hindi Kids about colors. We play just a little of this song on this podcast. If you have children learning Hindi then you might consider getting a copy of the DVD. It also makes a good gift.

Flash Cards – June 4 – Colors

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