First June Reading (part 3)

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This is today’s reading exercise:

नमन कर मनन कर।

मदन नहर पर कलश भर।

डगर पर मटक मटक कर मत चल।

Listen closely to the podcast, and then come to the website: and leave an explanation of what you understood.  Also come visit the website and see the notes that other readers have left.

Suggestions of things to do:

1) Provide a translation of one or more words/sentences.

2) Provide a transliteration of the Hindi script.

3) Leave a note using one or more of the words in a sentence you made up.

4) Leave a note about usage or links to other resources to help you learn the Hindi script.

Also, you can look at the previous two days lessons for more information and flashcards:

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June 6, 2008: First June Reading (part 2)

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