Interrogatives – question words

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Today we are going over the following question works.

Who?  – कौन (kaun)

What? – क्या (kyaa)

Why? – क्यों (kyon)

How? – कैसा  (kaisaa)

When? – कब (kab)

Where? – कहाँ  (kahaan)

How many? – कितने  (kitne)

Whose? – किसका (kiskaa)

How much? – कितना (kitnaa)

Flash Cards – Interrogatives with pronunciation help

Flash Cards – Interrogatives

I have created a page on our wiki to put information regarding Interrogatives.  Feel free to add examples to the wiki on how to use these question words or any other information related to them.  (You will have to create an account and log in to make edits.  I had to do this in order to decrease the amount of spam that was showing on the wiki.)

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