#255 Are you hungry?

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#255 – Are you hungry?

We would like to thank Inga for suggesting this program. If you have some suggestions you would like to make or particular words/phrases you would like us to cover, please put them in our suggestion form using the following link: http://www.ispeakhindi.com/program-suggestions/

Today we are going to cover phrases related to eating.

1) Are you hungry?

क्या आपको भूख लगी है ?

kya aapko bhookh lagii hai?

2) Yes, I am hungry.

जी हाँ, मुझे भूख लगी है।

jii haan, mujhe bhuukh lagii hai.

3) What would you like to eat?

Talking to a Man:

आप क्या खाना चाहते हैं ?

aap kya khaanaa chahate hain?

Talking to a woman:

आप क्या खाना चाहती हैं ?

aap kya khaanaa chahatii hain?

4) I would like rice, dal, vegetable, and bread.

मुझे चावल, दाल, सब्ज़ी और रोटी चाहिये।

mujhe chaaval, daal, sabzii aur rotii chahiye.

5) What would you like to drink?

Talking to a Man:

आप क्या पीयेंगे ?

aap kya piiyenge?

Talking to a woman:

आप क्या पीयेंगी ?

aap kya piiyengii?

6) I want water.

मुझे पानी चाहिये।

mujhe paanii chaahiye.

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