#261 – English Alphabet (part 1)

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Today we start to cover how the Hindi alphabet is represented in the Hindi letters. Today we cover A-H which is also covered on pg. 4-5 in the Kid’s Primer (http://www.ispeakhindi.com/2008/06/26/260-kids-primer-intro260-kids-primer-intro/.

Below is each of the English alphabet letters and how to write the letter name in Hindi. It should make more sense after you listen to the podcast.

A = ए
B = बी (this is ब + ई: ब = ba and ई = E. When the vowel ई is combined with a consonant, it is written as ी. So बी is pronounced “be”; we will use “i” as a long “E”, so you sill see ई written “ii”. so you will see बी written as “bii”)
C = सी (स = sa, but when you add ई (ii) it becomes सी (sii) which is pronounced (see))
D = डी (ड = da, but when you add ई (ii) it becomes डी (dii) which is pronounced (dee))
E = ई
F = एफ (ए is pronounced as a long “A”, and we will write it as “e”. फ is “pha” pronounced as “fa”. But the last vowel sound is dropped unless specifically written. so this becomes “A-ph”)
G = जी (ज = “ja”; जी = “jii” pronounced like “gee”)
H = एच (च = cha. and the last “default” vowel is dropped so एच becomes “e-ch”)

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