#263 – English Alphabet (part 3)

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One of the most often requested improvements of the site has been the size of the Hindi letters. (My wife suggests this to me daily :-) )I have tried many different ways to increase it. Those of you that know about HTML and creating web pages, know how easy it is to do this. But the techniques that I have tried to date had bad interactions with WordPress (the software I use to run the website) and the styles of the theme I am using. But today I have figured out an acceptable technique. Please let me know if it is acceptable.

Also, I have found that you can increase the font size in Firefox and Internet Explorer by pressing “+” (Hold down the alt key and press the plus symbol “+”). And you can decrease the fonts by pressing “-“. But in the future, I hope to have the Hindi characters about the size you see below.

Today we finish up writing the names of the English letters in the Hindi script.

Q – क्यू (kyuu)
R – आर (aur)
S – एस (es)
T – टी (tii)
U – यू (yoo)
V – वी (vii)
W – डब्ल्यू (dablyoo)
X – एक्स (eks)
Y – वाय (vaay)
Z – ज़ेड (zed)

Notice that “Z” is written above with the British pronunciation of “zed” instead of the American pronounciation of “zee”.

You will be able to understand these lessons more if you have the Kid’s Primer (http://www.ispeakhindi.com/2008/06/26/260-kids-primer-intro/)

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