290 – Wild Animals

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India has many jungles and forests that contain very amazing animals.  Do you know how to say their names in Hindi?  After today’s lesson, you will know the Hindi words for tiger, elephant, lion and several other wild animals.


All the pictures below except for the monkey are from a 2005 trip to a zoo in Mumbai, India.  The monkey was from Mumbai as well, but he belonged to a performer at the beach.  You can see some more pictures of him performing at the bottom of the lesson.


  English Hindi Pronunciation
  wild animals वन्य पशु vany pashu
  tiger बाघ baagh
image elephant हाथी haathii
image lion सिंह sinh
  leopard चीता chiitaa (sounds very much like the English word “cheetah”
image monkey बंदर bandar
  wolf भेड़िया bherdiyaa
  deer हरिण harin
  bear भालू bhaaluu


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Here are some more pictures of the monkey and his trainer:


India Trip Pictures 831    India Trip Pictures 835

Test your Hindi.  See if you can read the Hindi script in the picture below.  Can you spot a word from today’s lesson? Leave a comment on today’s lesson.

 India Trip Pictures 1077


You should recognize image  which means lion!

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