291 – Insects, etc.

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Before you can say, “Be careful!  There’s ants!”, you need to know the word for “ant”.  Today we cover the Hindi words for common insects and related animals.  In today’s lesson we cover the Hindi words for insects, black ant, housefly, mosquito, butterfly, honeybee, cockroach, and spider.  We also cover the words for lizard, squirrel, snake, and mouse.

English Hindi Pronunciation
insects कीड़े-मकोड़े kiirde-makorde
black ant काला चींटा kaalaa ciintaa
housefly मक्खी makkhii
mosquito मचछर


butterfly तितली titlii
honeybee मधुमक्खी madhumkkii
cockroach तिलचट्टा tilacattaa
ant चींटी chiintii
spider मकड़ी makrdii
other animals अन्य प्राणी any pranii
mongoose नेवला nevalaa
lizard छिपकली chipakalii
squirrel गीलहरी giilharii
mouse चूहा chuhaa
snake साँप saanp


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