292 – Water Animals

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What are you likely to see in the water?  Perhaps a turtle, a whale, a dolphin, a fish, a frog?  But what if there was a shark in the water at the beach?  People are saying: “A shark!  A shark!”  But in Hindi!  Might be useful to know the Hindi word.  That is what we learn in today’s ISpeakHindi.com episode.


English Hindi Pronunciation
water animals जलचर प्राणी jalchar praanii
turtle कछुआ kachuaa
whale ह्वेल hvel
dolphin डॉल्फिन daalphin
seal सील siil
fish मछली machlii
frog मेंढक mendak
shark शार्क shaark
crocodile मगर magar
hippopotamus दरीयाई घोड़ा djiiyaaii chordaa
walrus वालरस vaalras


Did you see जल in the word for “water animals”?  जल (jal) is another word for water.  It is not as common as पानी (paanii).  जल (jal) also conveys a sense of sacredness.  Which would make sense when referring to something with life. 


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