293 – Workers (Helpers)

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In order for society to work, you need many different people.  You need the doctor, nurse, teacher, postman, policeman, etc.  On occasion we need medical help, or need to ask for directions.  Or perhaps you need to mail a letter.  Today’s lesson covers the names of the people that can help..



English Hindi Pronunciation
our helpers हमारे सहायक hamaari sahaayak
doctor डॉक्टर daaktar
nurse परिचारिका parichaarikaa
potter कुम्हार kumhaar
teacher शिक्षिका shikshikaa
carpenter बढ़ई bardii
tailor दर्जी darjii
blacksmith लोहार lohaar
postman डाकिया dakiyaa
policeman पुलिस का सिपाही pulis kaa sipaahii
farmer किसान kisaan
barber नाई naaii


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