294 – Vehicles

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There are lots of different vehicles you will see in India.  You will see cars, buses, trucks, and scooters.  But you will also see less familiar things, like the auto rickshaw.  During my visit to Mumbai, we used the Auto Rickshaw a lot to get a round.  You will see many of them lined up ready to take you were you need to go.


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  English Hindi Pronunciation
  vehicles वाहन vaahan
  bullock cart बैलगाड़ी beilgaardii
  horse carriage घोड़ागाड़ी ghordaagaardii
India Trip Pictures 531 cycle साइकिल saaikil
India Trip Pictures 514 scooter स्कूटर skuutr
India Trip Pictures 409 autorickshaw ऑटो रिक्शा aato  rikshaa
India Trip Pictures 938 car मोटर कार motr kaar
  jeep जीप jiip
  bus बस bas
India Trip Pictures 988 truck ट्रक trak
  ambulance रोगी वाहन rogii vaahan
  fire-engine दमकल damakal
  train रेलगाड़ी relgaardii
  airplane वायुयान vaayuyaan
  ship जलयान jalyaan


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