295 – Electrical Appliances

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Everyday you use some electric appliance.  They have become part of our everyday life.  How often do you talk about the television, radio, fan, lamp, computer, etc.  Most of the English words these items are widely understood.  However, there are a few Hindi alternatives that could be worth while to learn. 


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English Hindi Pronunciation
electrical appliances विद्युत उपकरण vidyut uhakaran
television टेलीविज़न teliivizan
radio रेडियो rediyo
tape recorder टेप रेकॉर्डर teh jekaardar
iron इस्त्री istrii
ceiling fan छत का पंखा chat kaa pankhaa
mixer मिक्सर miksar
video game विडिओ गेम vidio gem
table lamp टेबल लैम्प tebal leimp
video विडिओ vidio
computer संगणक sanganak
bulb विद्युत दीप vldyut diip
washing machine धुलाई की मशीन dhulaaii kii mashiin
refrigerator प्रशीतक prashiitak
grinder अनाज पीसने की चक्की anaaj piisane ki cakkii


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