297 – things used by students – pg. 40

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English Hindi Pronunciation
water bag वॉटर बैग vaatar baeg
(very similar to “water bag” in English)
slate स्लेट just like “slate” in English
lunch-box नाश्ते का डिब्बा naaste kaa dibbaa
sharpener पेंसिल नुकीली बनाने का उपकरण pensil nukiilii banaane kaa upakaran
eraser रबर rabar (very close to “rubber” in English)
school bag बस्ता bastaa
scissors कैंची keinchii
pencil पेन्सिल pensil (same as “pencil” in English)
notebook नोटबुक notabuk (just like “notebook” in English)
sketch pad स्केच पेन skech ped (just like “sketch pad” in English)
brush ब्रश brash (just like “brush in English)
book पुस्तक pustak
ball pen बाल पेन baal pen
water-color पानी के रंग paanii ke rang
compass-box कम्पास बक्स kampaas baks (just like “compass box” in English)
ruler पट्टी pattii


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