298 – Nature

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Nature is a wonderful thing.  The sun, the moon, the stars!  They are all worth talking about!  Today we cover the Hindi words for these and for cloud, rain, rainbow, and more.


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English Hindi Pronunciation
nature प्रकृति prakratii
sun सूरज suuraj
moon चंद्रमा candramaa
stars तारे taaje
cloud बादल baadal
rain बरसात bajasaat
rainbow इंद्रधनुष indradhanush
mountain पर्वत parvat
lake झील jhiil
valley घाटी chaatii
forest जंगल jangal  (just like “jungle” in English)
hill पहाड़ी pahaardii
village गाँव gaanv
river नदी nadii
bridge पुल pul
field खेत khel


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