300 – singular and plural

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Wow!  Today is our 300th episode!  Today we cover singular and plural.  How to change the word “bell” into “bells”, for example.


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English Hindi Pronunciation
singular एकवचन ekavachan
plural बहुवचन bahuvachan
a bell घंटा ghantaa
bells घंटे ghante
a book पुस्तक pustak
books पुस्तकें pustaken
a hen मुर्गी murgii
hens मुर्गियाँ murgiyaan
a goat बकरी bakarii
goats बकरियाँ bakriyaan
a kite पतंग patang
kites पतंगें patangen
a fan  पंखा pankhaa
fans पंखे pankhe
a pen कलम kalam
pens कलमें kalamen


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